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"Dare To Live"

Texas A&M's Newest Co-Ed Social organization

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"I can honestly say that it has been such an amazing and life changing experience for me. I have met some amazing people as well as created even stronger relationships with friends that I have had for years. It is the type of organization that I feel needs to be advertised. It is an organization that is perfect for integrating students into college life" 

    -Dez S.

" When I first came to A&M I was extremely shy and found it very difficult to make new friends. Most of my first semester was spent studying or watching Netflix in my room. Joining Myriad changed the course of my college life, not only did it feel like I had found a family but they also pushed me to become a better version of myself and try new things. Myriad is one of the most accepting and diverse organizations I've ever seen and allowed everyone to blend seamlessly. There truly is nothing else like Myriad Invictus. "

    -Caroline M.

"I’m so happy I joined Myriad because being around such a great supportive group really allowed me to be my full self without any fear of judgment. The events can be all kinds of crazy but they’re the kind of crazy and outrageous you hope for in your college life and the kind you’ll cherish forever."

    -Danielle E. 

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